Opening your laptop, and sliding your shorts to your ankles is a ritual many of know is guaranteed a happy ending, but weren’t certain it wouldn’t go the same way if the POTUS popped up on our screens.

But apparently, there are some people that actually want to see Trump’s toadstool. Over 300,000 of them, actually. That’s according to PornHub’s year in review. Which surprisingly after Stormy Daniels vivid and horrifying description of both the President’s penis and the act itself.

His nemesis Stormy Daniels, on the other hand, became the number one most searched adult performer with over 3 million searches.

Clinical psychologist Laurie Betito sounded off on why so many people had been Trump-curious:

“Searches like these serve as an indication that people use this site to not only satisfy sexual urges but also to get a different angle on something they are already interested in — to see a famous character or hot topic in a sexual context.”

Amongst gay searches the most popular searched terms were:

1. Korean
2. Japenese
3. Black
4. Daddy
5. Straight

What was getting you off in 2018?!