Westlife’s Brian McFadden has pissed off a whole bunch of people, and it isn’t by singing live.

Ex-boyband member McFadden has said that Donald Trump is “what Britain needs” following the resignation of Theresa May amidst the Brexit shitshow. Taking to Twitter, (like all celebrities who want to announce their fascism), McFadden said the country was “Literally fucked!”

Which is true. Unfortunately, so is Brian’s solution.

“The fact that borris, farage and Jeremy are the front runners to be prime minister is scary! Britain is f***ed!!! Literally f**ed!” The Irishman wrote.

And we really wished he’d stopped there. But the second half of his tweet was a different observation entirely:

“Incredible how many brits jump on the anti trump bandwagon. He’s exactly what Britain needs! A Britain first at all costs attitude is essential”.

Yes, Britain! This is EXACTLY what we need! Someone who will tell Europe to fuck off, as well as all their own minorities! Seriously, anyone that thinks being anti-Trump is a bandwagon clearly doesn’t live in 2019, but honestly, what a dumb fuck. How can we listen to the opinions of a man that can’t capitalize correctly?

We’d say he was cancelled, but how do you cancel someone who’s already nobody?

Here are some poignant replies: