During his visit to the UK, Donald Trump will see a baby blimp of himself soaring over the Houses of Parliament.

Despite them both being full of hot air, even the giant balloon isn’t as inflated as the President’s ego; given which, he may not actually mind seeing a replica of himself. Then again, like a nappy-clad baby, he’ll probably just throw his toys out the pram.

The Cheeto-orange blimp was inflated this morning (4th June), in front of thousands of protestors who are protesting Trump’s visit, and air-born for 2 hours after the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan gave his permission.

Jeremy Corbyn refused to attend a state banquet last night for the president, and said he was joining the Together Against Trump protest to “stand in solidarity with those he’s attacked in America, around the world and in our own country”.

Ad the blimp wasn’t the only replica of Trump displayed, with a 16ft talking robot of Trump sitting on the loo; (ironically talking a lot of shit).

So seriously, it says: “I’m a very stable genius”, and also makes fart noises. Other odes to the President include toilet paper that already has shit on it; aka Trump’s face. Another saw Trump dressed as a gorilla and trapped in a cage, that was guarded by Boris Johson.

Hate really makes people creative; and we love it.

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