People who consider themselves straight may be more sexually fluid than they realise, is what a recent study has suggested. Specifically, when they are introduced to new theories about gender and sexuality.

The study from Scientific Reports interviewed 180 students that identify as striaght.

They were split into two groups, one of which was presented with a study and its supporting evidence that most people experience attraction to both men and women; the study included monitoring the participants pupil dilation when they watched male and female porn.

The other group were given a study about climate change.

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They then asked both groups about their sexuality and less participants in the first group now identified as fully heterosexual. They were also “less sure” of their heterosexuality, and more likely have same-sex links experiences.

Another study was then performed with a wider and more diverse focus group of 460 people from ‘varied walks of life’. These were split into three subsectors, which were given articles on: sexuality as a continuum, sexuality being fluid, and finally, one about control.

Of those given the continuum studies, 36% identified as not entirely straight. Of the fluidity group, 20.6% agreed. but with the control articles, less than 10% did.

Those reporting being “unsure” about their heterosexuality went like this: 41% for the continuums, 34.8% for the fluidity group, and 19.6% of the controls.

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“Did we change people’s sexual orientation via our interventions? Surely not,” said lead study author Dr James Morandini in a statement.

“I think our study may have changed how people interpreted their underlying sexual feelings. This means two people with identical sexual orientations could describe their sexual orientation quite differently, depending on whether they have been exposed to fluid or continuous ways of understanding sexuality.”

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