Although Christopher Meloni has always been hot, it’s only in recent years that his sex symbol status is sky-rocketing again (and we’re pretty sure it’s down to the gays and their daddy issues).

Meloni has gone viral on a few occasions, most recently when his big bubble butt was snapped on the set of Law & Order. Now the actor is revealing how he keeps his tooshie in shape, speaking to Men’s Health.

The 60-year-old who became a household name after featuring (and stripping) in prison drama Oz, posed for photos shot by Ben Watts.

When interviewer Anna Peele tells Meloni he’s having a cultural moment, Meloni responds, “my ass is”. And he’s not wrong.

He later jokes that his ass cheeks can catch flies, “like a venus fly trap” and that is a party trick we would love to see.

In the featured video, Meloni credits his trainer for forcing him to include squats into his routine. And us as a world thank him for that.

He’s also explained what the term Zaddy means.

“Oh it’s for a distinguished gentleman?” he realises, “How much am I allowed to enjoy this?”

As much as we are, sir.