Harry ‘gender-bending’ Styles continues his forage into fucking up fashion’s status quo.

In a shoot for Beauty Papers, a bi-annual British magazine, Styles is seen cross-legged in high-waisted fishnets with his staple loafers.

Other snaps from the shoot depict Styles in a Gucci suit while wearing a face of make-up, looking almost like a fly, fuckable Beetlejuice.

The images reportedly caused Beauty Papers site to crash.

In Styles own words: “What’s feminine and what’s masculine, it’s like there are no lines anymore.” Agreed.


Shot by: Casper Wackerhausen Sejersen

They’re reminiscent of Ezra Miller’s Playboy shoot last year, Brad Pitt’s Rolling Stone shoot (1999) and what Billy Porter might have on under those immaculate ball gowns.