Summer is officially here, and regardless of whether our body is beach-ready, our wardrobe certainly isn’t.

So we’ve rounded up our favourite pieces of current summer trends from BooHoo Man that’ll add a little va-va-voom to your existing looks.


90s prints and abstract patterns are big this summer, and these cool swim shorts give just the right about of Save By The Bell vibes. Although when you wear them just make sure you’re channelling Zac’s big dick energy, and not Screech’s. Shop abstract.


OK, so we know that stripes are literally everywhere, and while you definitely don’t wanna turn up to the event in the same shirt as another queen, how could resist these pretty pieces? Our personal tip is to avoid the overused colours (mustard, red, navy) and opt for a more subtle stripe that acts as an accessory to a plain t-shirt underneath – if you’re wearing a shirt. Tuck tight tees into cut-off denims. Shop stripes.

The “Holiday Shirt”

Tropical prints, for summer? Groundbreaking. While they may not be winning awards for originality, tropical prints can be a real cute look when they’re done right. And by ‘right’, we mean open, while you’re on grill duties at the BBQ. Pair with stylish shades and you’ll definitely end up with meat in your mouth. Shop tropical.

Rock out with your baroque out

Ever since we’ve been too poor to afford Versace (forever), we’ve relied on other brands to get baroque styles into our daily looks. BooHoo Man have a number of cute co-ords, and separate pieces that’ll make you feel like you’re living in Miami… even if its Lewisham. Shop Baroque.


Personally, a graphic tee will never go out of fashion in our eyes, although right now we’re totally into ones with loads of text, and this boarding pass piece is a vibe. We’re also still totally reeling off neons (since Kim covered that famous ass in it), although in more subtle splashes. Shop graphics.