This weekend saw an important time for LGBTQ people, as not only was it World Pride in New York but also the 50th Stonewall anniversary. Fighting against the homophobic tensions in both US and worldwide politics, people came out in their numbers. With a record-breaking amount of people taking to the streets, perhaps this is the real Trump impact. And naturally, all we’ve heard are rave reviews.

Our favourite photo comment is, “there was love everywhere”. Like someone had just accidentally spilt a glass of it and drowned the city. Like it was a thick fog that nobody could see through. Hopefully, one day, we’ll be able to achieve that kind of harmony and warmth without a parade… but – to be fair – parades are pretty fun, so we should just have them anyway.

Here’s a round-up of some of the best photos, so that if you – like us – couldn’t make it to NYC, you can immerse yourself in the colour, love and outrageousness anyway.

Lady Gaga being fisted by a drag queen:

Madonna in rainbow belts:

These Queens:

The diverse, colourful and life-living parade:


Proud in every sense of the word:

Need this look for my milk run:

Elektra oozing natural sass:

This about sums it up: