The Prince is a 2019 Chilean homoerotic prison movie – a genre that just isn’t explored enough in modern cinema; if you ask us. Juan Carlos Maldonado stars as a young man whose sexual experiences in prison prompt him to reflect on the defining gay moments in his life. The real cum shots, hard cocks, and gay experimentation make this one of the most explicit pieces of film in recent years. Brokeback Mountain might as well be situated on Sesame St.

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1 Juan Carlos Maldonado and his friends take a fully nude mud bath before rolling around in the dirt.

2 Then he gives them a lesson in self-loving

3 Let’s get another look at that thing…

4 Lucas Balmaceda gets it from behind in the prison shower.

5 And shows us EVERYTHING in the process.

6 Juan Carlos Maldonado jerks off while peeping Cesare Serra’s big uncut penis in the woods.

7 Juan has a naturally hot bod.

8 And while, sure, we have to watch him have straight sex at one point.

9 Throughout most of The Prince he’s doing, ya know, this.

10 And, ya know, this.