Taron Egerton follows in Rocketman co-star Richard Madden’s footsteps as he steps into BuzzFeed’s hot seat to read out some thirst tweets.

Egerton is treated to a number of eloquently-put desires, such as: “If I ever got to hook-up with a celeb, I dear God hope it’s with Taron Egerto’s pip-pip-cheerio ass”. Y’all ‘Mericans are wild.

“I’m actually quite proud of my ass”, Egerton responds. “It’s big. There’s no denying that”.

But the highlight of Egerton’s reel is the moment he finds out another word for that big butt of his, when one tweeter mentions destroying his “bussy”. You can actually see the word sinking into his brain; why do we have a feeling he’s going to reuse that one?