HBO has a proud reputation as the nudity network, and while they continue to produce passion for the people in the wake of #MeToo, they’re making their on-set sex environments safer.

One of the toughest – or at least, most awkward – jobs of being an actor, is the sex scenes, so on the network where sex is at its most prolific, actors will have a sex scene coach. Sort of.

As Rolling Stone reports, the network has “adopted a policy whereby all of its shows and movies with intimate scenes will be staffed with an intimacy coordinator.” Just to clarify, that’s not where someone sits on the coital outskirts and directs him to the right ‘spots’.

But rather, someone that ensures the actor is comfortable with what is being asked of them during that time, suggesting ways to protect their modesty further if desired, and to generally provide support for the nerves and tension that come with filming these types of scenes.

“There is such a power dynamic on sets, so much pressure and this sense that as an actor you just suck it up and do it,” said Alicia Rodis who is the intimacy coordinator for The Duece, Crashing and upcoming Deadwood movie.