The hype for HBO Max’s And Just Like That continues to build as the Sex And The City revisit drops its first full trailer. Carrie’s narration is still very much there, but her dating column is now a podcast, which she features alongside Che Diaz (Sara Ramirez).

At one point Che, who is speaking at some sort of live event tells the crowd, “don’t like the box you’re in? Then step out of it!” which could be a cue to Miranda’s queer discovery.

Meanwhile, Charlotte watches Lily’s seemingly successful piano recital, the girls drink a lot of coffee, and Carrie’s closet is still brimming with shoes.

It doesn’t show you a whole lot, to be honest; there’s no “other man” for Carrie, or sign of Natasha, or hint of a character’s funeral. Although the show was never really about drama, we thought the trailer would pack a little more of a punch.

And we hope that without Samantha, there will still be just as much sex.

We recently learned that Samantha is living in London after a fall-out with Carrie, and that at the end of season 1, Bradshaw will extend an olive branch in producer hopes of getting Kim Cattrall back to reprise the role.