There’s a number of things that can be odd to hear in the bedroom; like “is it in yet?” or “I love you”, but there’s one phrase that *pops up* over and over, and I’m still a little baffled…

Cut to me: rolling around in bed with a Northerner I’d met in one evening after drinking mimosas in Soho Square for six hours. He was a little older than the guys I would usually go for, but definitely had that ‘daddy’ appeal, in certain lights. But what really drew me to him was how considerate, attentive and mannerly he was. I know, you wouldn’t fucking expect it from a Geordie, would you?

We’d been for a nice dinner, and then back to his for… a sleep. No seriously, I’m the worst lad to take home if you looking to fuck; bitch, I passed out right there on the sofa.

But naturally, when I woke up (still) drunk and disorientated at 5am, we made up for a lost night. And after we’d both cum, he flops onto the bed, still semi-breathless, and pants, “thanks for that.”

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Like I was the postman. Wouldn’t mind but the mail didn’t even go in the slot, I’d only licked the stamp. Wonder what gratitude you get for hitting a home-run.

And this wasn’t the first time either. So as I wiped the jizz off my belly, I couldn’t help but wonder… was I that good in bed, or had British politeness run wild?

Don’t get me wrong it’s obviously better than, “your uber’s outside”, but I can’t be the only one in thinking that thanking someone for sex is a little strange? I understand it’s appreciation, but I wouldn’t be in bed with someone if I didn’t want to be. Felt a bit like a transaction. Only I couldn’t return it after 30 days if I changed my mind.

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“My boyfriend and I thank each other after oral sex,” a friend informs me, “it just shows they did a good job, and you’re grateful for it.”

But this wasn’t my boyfriend. This was… um… what’s-his-name. KIDDING, I remember his name. I think.

“It just means you could’ve got a bang anywhere, so he feels lucky you chose him.”

Well that’s sweet. But if they say it to everyone who puts their willy in their mouth, then that’s a bit much.

Personally, I think “great game” works well as a post-sex pleasantry. WBU?! Tell us below…