Everyone was fuming a few years back when Olly Murs claimed he was 20% gay, perhaps due to the lack sincerity in his claims, or perhaps due to us all being more open to the concept of sexual fluidity/as a spectrum.

But Harry Styles has been perpetuating a similar concept while on his recent tour; along with brandishing rainbow flags at a number of stops, he also helped one fan come out to their mum, last week. Fans also suspected that lyrics in his song suggest that he is, in fact, bisexual himself.

At his last date in California, one fan held up a signing reading “I’m gay and I love you.”

See his reply here:

A little bit gay, is it? Which bit? The tip or the hoop? We totally help you figure it out.

And while we’re here appreciating Mr. Styles, let’s take another look at that dick pic, which his bestie Ed Sheeran confirmed was real.