BY Anthony Gilét

Tom Burgess





Part of the rugby-playing quartet of undeniably hot brothers, has gone and got his giblets waxed for charity. Raising funds and awareness for Prostate Cancer, we love it when hot guys do things for the greater good. And while Tom is most certainly hot, those nude leaked photos of his twin brother George give him the edge…

Totes jeal of the waxer though, init.

Michael Hoffman (Tumbr whore)


Michael Hoffman – the bodybuilder that ‘had’ two videos of his five-knuckle shuffle released on the internet has now uploaded ANOTHER video, with his clothes on… Cut to zero YouTube views. He claims that it wasn’t him who released the videos and apparently he says he’s “not gay”, but he is “humiliated”. STOP. You ain’t gay? Bruv, I know actual cum whores that don’t swallow! It don’t even matter if that’s your own juice or not; you can lead a fag to cock but you can’t make him gargle the jizz. As for humiliated… You know what they say; you need to make at least two sex tapes before realising the extent of your actions.

Mark Wright

Mark Wright parading in Y front boxers


Shooting for his new 2015 calendar Mark Wright was snapped in his skimpy black y-fronts; and his body, tan and package are looking on as fine form as ever! See, I can be nice? Isn’t he lucky he’s hot considering he needs Google to spell his own name. (Sorry! I tried!)


Adam Levine

The actor/musician has released the new music for his latest single ‘Animals’. And Animals is apt. After meeting his real-life girlfriend Bhati Prinsloo in a butcher’s shop, he then stalks her. This is what I’m saying – never trust a man wearing a hair net. She’s got some killer legs though.

After following her around like a bad smell, the couple then bump uglies while being droused in blood. Who directed this video? Gaga? Too much, bae.


Russel Tovey

Screen shot 2014-09-30 at 14.52.20

On the set for new series of US show ‘Looking’, Essex-born Tovey took to Instagram to share a topless pic in front of the Golden Gate Bridge, obvs. What else are you supposed to do in front of tourist attractions?

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