A personal trainer has shared his story about how he accidentally saw Justin Bieber naked, and it sounds like it rocked his world.

Rick Morrison, who used to work at Dogpound gyms in LA (before being laid off due to COVID-19), details his story in a Twitter post:

“One morning I was in the locker room getting ready for the AM cycling class when, to my surprise, Justin came out of the shower area in a towel.”

Morrison explains how Bieber was never a client of his, so the two never really spoke. Although on this particular day, Morrison decided to say hello, “and as [I] turned the corner, he was butt ass naked. I mean, junk hanging out and everything. I happened to turn around [the corner] the exact moment he was putting his underwear on”.

Yes, what a coincidence. Morrison then apologised, before blurting out “shit Bieber you just made me so insecure”.


Morrison claims he was “stunned” at how “big [Bieber] was down there”.

A statement which confused a number of Tweeters who pointed out that we have definitely seen Bieber naked before.

“No homo,” Morrison continues, “I’ve seen plenty of naked celebs in the locker room before, Shawn Mendes, Adam Levine… but no one was ever that damn blessed”.

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We’re gonna take a guess and say that either Bieber bashed off in the gym showers or maybe Morrison hasn’t seen as wide a variety of dicks are he thinks. As an investigative journalist, the only way to know the truth would be to arrange a measure up.