Games of Thrones star Kit Harrington is set to strip off for Slave Play, about race and sexuality in 21st century America. And we will be sat.

Slave Play tells of three interracial couples whose therapy involves pretending to be on a plantation. According to The Sun, an insider said there would be sex toys, kinky practices and “the full-frontal element comes from Kit’s character Jim”.

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Reportedly, the scene that sees Kit strip off in the controversial play, his lover talks about his ‘white shrivelled penis’ before he gets naked.


The play has caused further controversy, by setting aside two performances in June for “all-Black identifying audiences”. A move that one Tory MP branded ‘racial discrimination’.

You can catch Harington at the Noel Coward theatre from 29th June.

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And until then, here’s a snap of Harington in grey sweats…

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