Back in 2018, Gary Cole (Pineapple Express, Dodgeball) starred in a film called Blockers. Although the film wasn’t as internationally successful as many of Cole’s or co-star Leslie Mann’s projects (This Is 40, Knocked Up), there was one scene in particular that caught viewer’s attention… and for good reason.

In one scene a fully naked Cole wanders in the hallway blind-folded, and “he was game” for the nudity, according to director Kay Cannon.

In an interview with FANDOM it was revealed that the actor actually rejected the use of a prosthetic.

“Gary Cole, God bless him, he was game. He thought it was so funny and I was so happy that he was so willing to do that,” explained the director.

“You made him a prosthetic and he didn’t want to wear it,” said Mann to Cannon. “He wanted the real thing.”

As did we… as did we.

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