Mary & George is not as frontloaded with nudity as we had feared. Episode one brought us the big curved cock of our dreams, and episode two expands on that intriguing premise by bringing us more frontal. Much like the cock in episode one, we’re hooked.

So who were the naked men in episode two of Mary & George, and just how naked has Nicholas Galitzine gotten so far? Mary & George is a historical fiction series about Mary Villiers’ scheme to pimp out her son George Villiers to King James I in the early 17th century. Nicholas Galitzine plays George, and in episode two he must stand out from a crowded field of men looking to ho their way into King James’ inner circle, the Gentleman of the Bedchamber. 

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It is no surprise that a man as fine-looking as Nicholas Galitzine is able to get the king’s attention. We find out that King James is a bottom, and he gets turned out by George in Galitzine’s best scene to date! 

Soon, Nicholas finds himself surrounded by an elite group of penises hand-picked by the king. Everyone’s been vetted and bred-ed. The other fellas dare to go frontal, but Nicholas only teases his body in a sheer blouse. 

Just how far will Mary & George go? Are we talking Fellow Travelers-level anal? Only time will tell.