Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield were left giggling (again) on This Morning while talking to ‘Hollywood’s top prosthetic penis maker’.

Matthew Mungle has been working in the prosthetics industry for about 40 years, but in recent years has began working more on a particular department than any other: genital prosthetics. When asked why he thinks the popularity of their use in TV and film has increased, he said that he thinks “people are more lax” about seeing dicks onscreen.

Well, that and producers have realised that modern women and gay men are just as thirsty, and more likely to buy theatre tickets.

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Mungle shared that the use of prosthetic penises is due to “both” protecting the actor’s modesty and for enhancement if the character requires it.

Commenting of one of his celebrity clients Chris Hemsworth, who used the prop for a notable scene in The Vacation, he shared: β€œHe is so proud of it. Production gave it to him in a shadow box and he put it on his mantlepiece with his Thor hammer.” 

And then when he has guests over, he can say, “Here’s Thor’s hammer, and here’s his sword”.

Philip Schofield adds if he were to wear a prosthetic, “I’d want a proper schlong!

Thankfully, the uptick in prosthetic penis use hasn’t deterred some actors like Oscar Isaac and Bradley Cooper from staying true to their artform.

Watch the full interview below:

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