Over 700 Catholics have opposed the religions ban of same-sex unions by formally leaving the church, The Tablet reports. Along with 2,000 people who have cancelled their baptismal registrations.

Johan Bonny, bishop of Antwerp, said that the exodus of Belgium churches occurred after the Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith (CDF) refused to bless same-sex couples in March.

The Vatican had releases a statement which explained that so doing so would be an “affront to God”.

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During a webinar with The Tablet, Bonny said the “dramatic” backlash came from “mostly” heterosexual people who also felt that the church’s “regressive” attitude was a “step too far”.

Come through, allies.

It was a sharp turn from Pope Francis voicing his support for same-sex couples last year. A 180 that only leads us to question which elite financier of the church wasn’t happy about that.

Bonny went on to slam the out-dated rules, stating: “It’s as if it was written in the time of Pius XII.”

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“It’s not about principles or theories – it is about real people and that is my concern. That is our responsibility in front of God our Father,” he added.

After the statement made in March, Jesuit priest James Martin – who campaigns for LGBT+ acceptance and inclusion within the institution – said the Catholic Church was facing its biggest walk out since the child-sexual abuse scandal.