A gay councilman in South Carolina has resigned after he and his boyfriend were caught on video urinating on the doors of a popular gay bar.

Yikes. That decorum is piss poor.

Chris Kilpatrick – yet another LGBTQ+ Trumper – resigned after Precinct in LA released blurred video footage of the two men urinating on their staff doors, also claiming that Kilpatrick and his beau took their glass drinks outside and assaulted a member of their staff when he confronted them about it.

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Since that statement was issued, Kilpatrick resigned his city council seat with Crescent Valley and his bio page on the CVTC website has been removed.

I guess what’s crazy is that you have one man resigning from council because he pissed on the street, and another running for President despite repeated sex assault accusations. Trump will lead men everywhere to believe they can behave how they want without repercussions, and yet…

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