Artist and TV personality Nico Tortorella is clearly – like the rest of us – feeling the isolation thirst.

Posting to their Instagram story, Tortorella asked his followers whether he should shave his head, while using the opportunity to show-off a different kind of bush.

A bush, which appeared to have been hand-trimmed so their pelvic tattoo was still visible. Smart.

Much like Daniel Newman – who yesterday declared himself as a top to his followers – Nico seems determined to get things straight with their sexual preferences too.

Posting to his story again, Tortorella shared an image that claimed to identify the reader’s sexual preference by how they sit. While Tortorella was sitting like a top at the time, he clarified:

“But more here. Depending on the day y’all” with an arrow pointed at the ‘vers’ tag.

Last month they showed of a fishy, but freaky mug and their round buns for King Kong magazine.