If you’re sick of the news right now, we’re to provide you with some other really important news regarding Daniel Newman’s sexual preferences. The Walking Dead actor took to Twitter to tell his 900k+ followers exactly what he’s looking for in a man after lockdown.

Referring to a comment as to why he was up so early, Newman told a fan: “I’m a bot. We don’t sleep.”

At which point, the fan joked “Bot(tom)”, igniting Newman’s response:


“I’m a TOP,” Newman said, “I’m too lazy to bottom!”

Although, is laziness in the bedroom really OK whichever your role? Surely, both parties should be putting in sufficient energy to make those life-altering things called orgasms happen. Unless he was referring to squatting over his shower head and bypassing lunch.

But before you energetic bottoms swarm his DMs, he wants a bottom who presents like a top: “Maybe if I get married, but I’m also always super attracted to tops.”

“So, I guess whoever is strong enough and can pin down wins that night.”

That’s quite the solution. Too lazy to put your legs in the air but not to wrestle? Someone call Carol Vorderman ’cause we got a conundrum here.