London-based drag queen Taste Caramel has gone viral this week after she pushed an audience member during her Mariah Carey jingle. All I Want For Christmas is a few stitches?

In the video, Taste, who is performing at the Exhibit in Balham, can be seen dancing when an older lady comes rapidly teetering towards her, at which point, Taste brushes her aside much to the gasp of the audience.

While the video is 100% funny to watch, it’s stirred a divide amidst viewers; those who believe Taste was wrong for pushing the woman, and those who feel that if someone disrespects a performers space, what happens is their own fault.

Taste has since taken to her Instagram stories to clarify that she apologised to the woman and “never meant to push her that hard”. She also goes on to say that the lady had been “informed not to get in the way of the performers, but she did… She got in my way”.

Taste later explains that she apologised profusely to the woman after, and they took photos together.

At the end of the day, maybe Taste hadn’t dealt with the situation in the most professional manner, but as a drag queen that is constantly viewed as a “gimick” for the entertainment of drunk straight women pounding the mimosas at bottomless brunch, can you really blame her for acting instinctively?