Oh, how the other half live. The lives of the rich and famous are a far-cry away from most of our lives, but Chris Hemsworth is so busy being rich and thirst-trapping his fans that he doesn’t even know what a thirst-trap is!

In a recent interview with Refinery29, Hemsworth asked: “Thirst-trap? Thirst-trap? What is that?”

While the interviewer ironically tried to explain it to the otherworldy hot actor, “Tell me, this is fascinating,” he added.

At which point a member of his team did an even lousier job at providing a visual example by not pulling up one of the number of shirtless workout videos Hemsworth proudly posts to the ‘gram, or even say this snap…


…Which was posted by Hemsworth back in June. Another good reference would have been literally any film that Hemsworth is shirtless in (aka all of them). See, Hemsworth is old school, he doesn’t actually post that many thirst-traps to the ‘gram – which is where the term originated – but rather if you wanna see that sculpted physique you better be buying a theatre ticket, bitch.

No, instead the team member showed this super adorable pic of his brother, Liam:


Which would lead us to believe that nobody in Australia understands the meaning of thirst-trap.

Hemsworth trying to piece together the random shit he’d been given: “Oh, so it’s like, you’re trying to play it down like it’s casual, but you’re doing like a… thirst-trap,” well you can’t blame him for being confused.

“HAHA! Ok. We’ll try to get more of those going.”

On the plus side, perhaps we’ll start to get some more casual-not-casual snaps of Liam in cashmere holding cute dogs.

Here are some times Chris has actually thirst-trapped us: