Celebrity DJ Fat Tony has spoken out about how he was sexualised from the tender age of 9.

Speaking on the Cocktails and Confessions podcast, hosts Anthony Gilét and Dani St James were discussing an age-gap story, which discussed a couple in a 33-year age-gap relationship, who had met when the boy was either 16 or 17, when Gilét said, “Not saying that the boy is totally innocent; I was meeting up with guys when I was 16.”

Tony interjected: “Oh I was doing that from the age of 9. But I was an abused child, so there was trauma”.

“Right, so the responsibility lies with the adult,” replied Gilét. Dani then responded by highlighting the mistake of abuse for love.

“Cause I was sexualised at a really young age, that was all I knew… And that’s the sad thing about it, so I thought it was the norm”, Tony replied.

He later goes on to say, “I would wake up on a Sunday morning and my dad would be beating my mum up, and then she would take an overdose. At the age of eight, I was taking her to hospital”. Tony then details how having his tonsils out as a young child introduced him to care, so he would “throw [himself] down stairs” to get attention.

He also touches briefly on how he had sex with his drama teacher at the age of 13.

Later in the interview, host Gilét asked: “So who did more coke back in the day, Kate or Naomi?” Referring to the supermodels, and friends of Fat Tony.

“Ooh I dunno,” Tony laughed, “But I probably did more than both of them put together!”

Listen to the full episode here: