A couple years ago we launched a Shopify store with some merch items, but due to roadblocks to the site’s survival, we sadly had to terminate it that same year.

With help from the site’s members, we’ve been able to re-list some of our classic items while adding in new designs. As a thank you, silver members get additional 10% off this month as well as other exclusive monthly offers.

All other customers will receive free shipping!


New designs include our ‘Reformed Trashbag’ artwork which is dedicated to those who grew up reading the blog as I wrote it; with their dance floor days now just bittersweet memories… mostly!

Our ‘OnlyFems’ design rejects masc4masc culture and our H&H t-shirts promote staying home, while parodying British Grindr slang.

Exclusive merch from our Cocktails & Confessions podcast is also available, along with our most popular Vauxhall Survivor prints.