Mark and Kayleb have been together for six years and with 33 years in between them, regularly get mistaken for father and son. It was originally a sugar daddy arrangement, but the pair have since found a “deeper connection”.

The Pink News writes that they first hooked up when Kayleb was 17… Despite Kayleb – who is 22 – saying they’ve been together for six years, which would make him 16. So either somebody isn’t great at maths or there’s a pervert in the room.

Mark would have been 49 at the time, definitely leaving some lingering questions. To add to that, the legal age for Grindr is 18 – which again highlights how the app fails LGBT youth without stricter safety measures in place.

The pair discuss their relationship below:

Mark states that Kayleb keeps him “young and happy”, as you can see from this picture: doesn’t Mark look thrilled to be taking selfies for the ‘Gram?

“The hardest thing about being in an age gap is blending our friend groups, it makes for interesting get-togethers,” Mark says; probably trying to stew a delicious veal for a refined dinner party while Kayleb’s friends slut-drop to Ariana Grande and blow chunks in the flower pot.

When asked what they have in common, the answer is simply: their dog. We’re guessing that’s the ‘deeper connection’?

Meanwhile, their families struggle to accept it, calling it “weird” and “disturbing”.

They’ve recently moved to Hawaii with their dogs, where Kayleb proudly wears an “I [HEART] MY DADDY” t-shirt and pecks his lover on the lips.