Just days following Botswana’s decision to decriminalize gay sex, another country has made a step toward equality.

Ecuador has legalized same-sex marriage! The High Court of Ecuador – which is majority Christian – ruled five-to-four that the country’s current laws were discriminatory and unconstitutional. While the opposing four said it was for the government to determine and not the courts. *Side eye*

Same-sex couples can marry within the next 10 days; as soon as the constitutional court notifies local government offices of their decision.

On Wednesday LGBTQ activists celebrated outside the courthouse marking a victory for a movement that has been long-campaigned for.

Human rights activist Cristhian Paula told CNN that the decision “recognizes a historic fight for equality in which every citizen has the same rights, with the same name” and that “an institution like marriage is no longer used as an excuse to segregate and discriminate.”

While this is a landmark improvement for Ecuador, it’s still only one of a handful of South American countries where same-sex marriage is legal, alongside Brazil, Colombia, Argentina and Uruguay.