I’ll be honest, in that, I never saw myself as an activist, apart from perhaps behind a computer screen. But the older you get, inhumane brutality such as what is currently happening in Brunei really gets to me.

This Saturday we will protest outside The Dorchester Hotel in London, as organised by Peter Tatchell.

The Sultan of Brunei yesterday (Weds 3rd) enforced his version of Sharia Law which condemns homosexuals – and adulterers – to death by stoning and whipping. The rich, old bastard owns a number of luxury hotels across the world and although most of us can’t afford to to stay in them anyway, we can afford to show up outside and shame the people who can.

This is Barbaric, especially in 2019. And while some countries will strive to move backwards, we’ll continue to fight for the lives of LGBT+ people.

The protest will begin at 2pm.