You’ve probably come across the stereotype that influencers are total tossers, and this guy proves why. If you thought getting a bad haircut and only going holiday once this year were first world problems, you’ve clearly never had 161,000 people admiring your ‘perfect’ body.

This guy has, and he’s totally distressed.

Jasson Jerez whinges on his Instagram stories: “People who are fit – people like me – we all work really hard on our bodies, it doesn’t matter if you do steroids or not”. Spoken like someone that frequently does steroids.

He continues, “it’s still hard work, I give up a lot of food that I could eat,” one sec, I just gotta grab my thimble-sized violin and a bag of fake empathy.

“So it’s actually really disrespectful, for you to come onto my page and say how I’m not relatable, that my body is too perfect”. Gosh darn it, how CAN YOU NOT RELATE to this PERFECT human being that does StErOiDs and GIVES UP food, and is offended by COMPLIMENTS?

I’m guessing that strict diet he’s on consists mostly of lean protein and full-fat narcissism.

It’s also the awkward moment when you take roids to get stronger but are still too weak to handle comments on the ‘gram. Also, thought steroids only made your muscles bigger not your ego? Wonder if any scientist has actually tested the effects of steroids on the brain because everybody who does them automatically develops a superiority complex. As though we’re all dying to look 200lb men stuffed into the skin of 100lb men.

The replies were also a riot:




AND in true Twitter style, they migrated to Instagram to troll his comments – THIS is why Twitter is my favourite social network.