There are so many fitness products and supplements on the market these days we can barely keep up. (Maybe that’s what the pre-workout is for?) So we asked nine influential personal trainers what supplements they couldn’t live without. 

Thomas Wade

“Vitamins are essential to your overall health. They perform many crucial roles in your body, from producing energy to ensuring proper function of bodily systems,” beefed up Wade tells us. “But it has to be a good quality MultiVitamin – not the cheap ones that make your pee yellow. I use Optimum Nutrition, and for my specific needs, Opti-Men.

Michael Joseph Massetti 

Massetti’s supplement of choice is an “awesome” pre-workout from ProMix nutrition. Massetti claims “it gives you lots of energy, is very clean and made with healthy ingredients”. That sounds like a man who’s done his homework. Or should that be gymwork?

Scott Jordan 

“Casein gives you an overnight protein release, helps recovery and gets that extra protein in if you’ve struggled to get it in throughout the day,” inked PT Jordan tells us. Which means you’re developing your gains, while you sleepTime to hit snooze again.

Matt Pappadia of PappFitness 

Pappadia drinks BCAAs during his workout, “for increased stamina and more rapid recovery”. BCCAs are reputed at retaining muscle mass, aiding recovery, and so many opt for a BCAA even on their rest days. Hydration and energy are also reasons to sip your BCAA during a workout!

Logan Ponder

We reached out to Logan, and although we didn’t get a response, he did post this on his story just a few days later: “If I only had one supplement I could have, it’d be Cellucor C4 pre-workout”, so we guess that’s our answer!

Veggie Vince 

“I take a combination of super greens powders, and raw sport protein powders,” says Vince Azapozzi. “As a vegan, this combination I’ve found helps me recover better and hit my protein macronutrients easier. Plus it’s full of macronutrients, phytochemicals and has a mass of health benefits. And the digestive enzymes within the Raw Sport, I found reduced my usual bloating around food consumption”.

Vince uses one scoop of each, in a 2l bottle, drank three times over the course of a day. Wow, sounds like we’ve been seriously under-supplementing!

Jackson Fit

Aussie PT Jackson tells us that while he’s a huge fan of the My Protein range, his product of choice is their Chocolate Whey protein. Which is great for getting in those extra grams of protein during a bulk or whenever you’re pressed for time – it also tastes great on rolled oats!

Luke Lawar

“When I’m training for a fitness competition, I take creatine and glutamine with water,” London-based fitness instructor Luke informs us. “Creatine gives the body an extra boost (like caffeine) in working out or lifting heavy, and glutamine reduces the soreness in muscles post-training”. Meaning you can lift more and recover quicker, making that beach body more of a realisation than just a dream.

Ed Harbourne (The lifestyle coach)

“I take magnesium without fail,” Ed tells C&C. The coach who works all over with his clients on body and mind transformations, goes on, “it’s a fundamental mineral, for body and brain. It aids sleep and recovery, nerve and muscle function, supports immune system, heart and bone health, and most importantly, each cells in your body contains it and needs it to function. Food simply doesn’t give us enough in the current day and age.”

So if you’re looking to transform more than just your body, perhaps magnesium’s the way.

Jonny Orrell

Pt Jonny Orrell opts for a whey supplement with an twist, telling us: “I’d recommend USN Muscle Fuel Anabolic Whey Protein. It combines both essential protein intake with creatine and amino acids. All of which contribute to muscle growth, and it’s better to have all three than just one!” So if you’d prefer to take one superpower supplement instead of three separate ones, this is a great option!