When you’ve just been told that you’re having your platform and audience taken away from you, it can be easy for any artist or blogger to feel angry – and many did. Many still are. But there are also those who are facing the ban head-on and promising to “go out with a bang” – quite literally in most cases.

Sex, erotic and mature content bloggers will have their blogs deleted from Tumblr on December 17th, after announcing nudity will be banned. While it would be quite straight-forward for most people, disheartened and disappointment, to begin their boycott early, instead they’re taking it on the chin, (so to speak) and spoiling their followers before they go.

itsAlekz said: “go out with a bang. I’ll be posting 24/7 for as long as the blog is here (or you know, Dec 17).”

And his isn’t the only blog that has seen a significant spike in content. There are dozens of NSFW blogs who are pedalling out the adult content before they lose their platforms. Bless their hearts!

Keep your eyes out for the NSFW highlights.