As he slowly strips naked in front of a one-way mirror, Francisco Henriques isn’t the only one admiring that tight-ass torso. In fact, as he finally whips off his pants, the hoard of voyeuristic women are so overcome, they faint.

It’s an advert for Paco Rabanne XS aftershave, but they’re quite clearly not passing out on eau de toilette. Musky crotch pheromones, maybe.

In fact, Rabanne labelled him as “excessively perfect and perfectly indecent”, when he joined the brand last year. Well, y’all can keep your perfect but give us a double helping of indecency, please.

The 24-year-old model grew up in Lisbon, and defines seduction as:

“A game I love to play. Seduction is all about charm. My tactic is never to let them know that I am interested and at the same time…”