We’ve definitely had some disturbing Grindr experiences in our time, but none so bad that we’ve jumped off the third-floor balcony. Although the police haven’t yet confirmed that the man jumped, they are favouring this over the idea that he was pushed, and instead referring to the incident as a ‘fall’.

Although, to be fair, they could’ve just been banging on the balcony and one power-thrust was all it took. But police believe the encounter took place earlier in the day, and are now searching for the man who could’ve met him, after he landed on a patio and impaled himself with a table leg.

The 37-year-old Swedish/American remains in Intensive Care.

Police want the man to contact police.

As the potential witness is pictured leaving the building and struggling with the door, it’s clear that he wasn’t the one accom-ing. But what is interesting is that in the CCTV provided, the witness arrives empty-handed but leaves with a bag.

It’s also not confided just how or why the detectives believe the injured man had met up with a guy from Grindr. Other than this guy can be seen checking himself out in the mirror before he gets the lift up.

He also looks like he’s in quite the rush to leave…


He is described as Middle Eastern/Mediterranean appearance with a slim build, dark hair, and at the time was wearing a dark t-shirt and blue jeans.

Police have said: “Know who you are meeting, where you’re meeting them, what their intentions are and perhaps establish some safeguards beforehand such as providing close friends with those details.”