Outlaw King has just arrived on Netflix, and over the weekend we shared THAT full-frontal scene of Chris Pine which has dominated the shallow media (“hay girl!”) in recent months.

And as he previously promised, viewers aren’t just gifted his crown jewels, but also the booty too. In another raunchy scene where Pine ploughs a handmaiden (or something… I have no idea what this film’s about other than his bits – you can thank their promo tour for that), and she’s gripping onto that ass like it’s the straps on a dodgy funfair ride.

Google summarizes: After being crowned King of Scotland, legendary warrior Robert the Bruce is forced into exile by the English and leads a band of outlaws to help him reclaim the throne.

After months of titillating viewers, and comparing his junk to Michael Fassbender, fans seem to be disappointed with the final outcome, but perhaps fans will find more comfort in his other ass-et.