As anyone who hasn’t been living under a rock will know… Cher has released an album of ABBA covers. That is, an album of ultra-camp hits sang by one of the campest groups of all time, covered by THE campest gay icon of all time. Anybody who’s heard even one of the tracks will know that… it’s pretty flippin’ gay.

But Cher isn’t just releasing an ultra-camp album of ultra-camp covers. She’s making videos too. And her first for SOS sees an all-female cast lip-synching to the song. Unfortunately, Cher is far too busy right now to appear in her own music video.


And while we applaud her supporting her female sisters, what would’ve made this ultra-camp cover by THE campest gay icon of all time, of an ultra-camp song by one of the campest groups of all time? If she’d have used drag queens.

At least the lip-syncing would’ve been more exciting.

BUT, hey, this is just one ultra-camp song from an album of ultra-camp songs, so we wouldn’t be surprised if the next video had the entire cast of Drag Race.

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