I’ve been dating a great guy for the last three months and I really like him. In all the ways that matter, we seem to get along. The one issue we have though is that when it comes to sex, he refuses to give me oral.

We’re talking nada. Like he won’t even put his face down there. The weird thing is he loves it when I do it to him. I even swallow him.  

We’re both versatile so things are good in that area. Still, getting head is one of my favorite things to do. We’ve talked about it in the past and he basically said it grosses him out.

Now, when I bring it up, he won’t even discuss it.  Given the situation, should we break up?

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Hi Conflicted,

Yes. Dump him.

Sorry, that was a little abrupt of me. Sometimes I open my mouth without thinking… unlike your fella. Anyway, I’m truly sorry that the only thing your man is sucking is the life out of your relationship. Although, I have to ask, how did he get promoted to ‘boyfriend’ status when he doesn’t suck dick?

It’s a shame that things like sex end up seeming trivial when you guys clearly have a lot of other stuff going on, but sex isn’t trivial; it’s an integral part of many successful relationships, like loyalty and money. And don’t let anybody make you feel bad about valuing your sex life – it will be a dealbreaker for some, and not for others. It clearly matters to you, which is why you’ve written this email asking for confirmation to dump his ass without feeling bad or weak about it.

Not to mention it’s kind of a slap in the dick that he finds your dong too repulsive to put in his mouth, but will happily shove his down your throat. It reminds me of a fussy child that won’t eat their greens; and when that happens, you just take the whole plate away. No vegetables, no dessert, (aka: won’t put it in your mouth, can’t have it in your butt).

I’d usually advice communicating with your partner first, but it sounds like you’ve done that already, and stubborn Stephanie ain’t budging. Bring it up once more time, but this time give him an old tomato: nosh me off, or fuck off!

And then go get yourself a thirsty-ass cock-slobbering man. You deserve it!


This problem originally appeared on Gay Pop Buzz