Seattle’s Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital will be welcoming a hunky new doctor this season: Dr. Nico Kim. Alex Landi who joins the 15th (!!) season of the Grey’s Anatomy when it airs at the end of the month, will also be the show’s first ever gay surgeon.

Over the years, the doc-drama has done its bit for diversity and representation with bisexual, lesbian and trans character, so it would only be logical that we have a queer doctor in the operating room.

We wonder if that’s the only way he can rearrange your guts.

Half-Italian and half-Korean Landi has starred in a handful of projects so far, but Grey’s will be a huge break for the actor. Other than what we’ve divulged so far, the ABC network is keeping their cards close to their chest about any further character details or how long he’ll be part of the surgical team.