It might have been a slow start to this year’s Love Island but things are definitely hotting up between the couples now; and not just between the boys and the girls.

In this week’s challenge the boys had to act out scenes from different movies, while the girls tried to guess them. And while they may be no Anthony Hopkins, they committed to their roles.

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Adam (who was the first contestant to strip-off) and Wes (who was the second to get naked) were given Ghost, and as they acted out that infamous pottery scene, Adam went in for a kiss:

Following that, Jack and Alex (Dr. Love), were asked to act out Love Actually and similarly ended up playing tonsil tennis:

This isn’t the direction we were expecting this season to go in, but we’re perfectly ok if it does…

The producers had previously spoke about doing a gay version of the show, and how it would be difficult to make work in the same format, well at this rate, we won’t even need a gay equivalent.