From being the lovable sidekick to ripped superhero, Chris Pratt has come to be known, not just as an international sex symbol, and enjoyable actor, but a genuinely funny – and sweet – guy. Put simply, he’s the perfect guy on paper. Never would any of us have expected to ever be so jealous of Anna Faris.

Since really stepping into the spotlight in 2014, Pratt has struck up an adorable bromance with Chris Hemsworth, almost convinced up to switch from vodka sodas to Michelob Ultra with the sexiest beer commercial ever, and brought some much needed sex appeal to the Jurassic Park franchise.

Not to mention, his Twitter goes down as one of the ones you need to follow.

The star celebrates his 39th birthday today, so we’re reliving all of his sexiest moments; from grinding on the set of Guardians Of The Galaxy, to his 70s porn star ‘tache and big guns for Men’s Health (above), to his beef butt in that shower scene.