If you were a fan of Workaholics, then you’ll be wanting to watch Netflix’s ballsy new comedy Game Over, Man. With the same leading trio, there’s plenty of similarities; in fact, it’s very much the same, just with a bigger budget and without the watershed (yasss).

Adam DeVine in particular shows hella flesh, in a scene where he is auto-erotic asphyxiating as two guys kiss. It certainly one of the more random scenes we’ve seen this year.

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Speaking on the scene to Thrillist:

“I think if we would have written that scene and then sold the movie and made it right away, I would have been more nervous about it. But I’ve known that I’m gonna do this scene for like six years, so when the day came, I had no problem dropping trou. They asked if I wanted a prosthetic one, but then I was like, I’m answering more questions about… if you just… it’s, anyway, that’s what my dick is. You know? There it is.”

Check out NSFW scene on The Late-Night Blog’s Twitter:


It’s been six years in the making and is finally available for streaming.