Adam DeVine, known best for his role on Workaholics has spilled the tea on Zac Efron’s manhood. The pair previously worked together on the set of DeVine’s sitcom on Comedy Central, where Efron interviewed for a job by getting out his goods… If only it was that easy to get a job in the real world. But while DeVine and the co-worker never really got to see Zac’s peen, DeVine confesses to pursuing the quest on the set of their new picture, Dave And Mike Need Wedding Dates, which sees the two of them in some VERY tight lycra (although we’re sure with plenty of substance, skimpy outfits is definitely not the only reason anyone is going to see a Zac Efron movie).

“It’s a very handsome dick”, he revealed to Daily Mail Australia, “it’s just as veiny as his arms”.



We’re sure you’ve already seen the glimpse the world got from the trailer of Bad Grandpa, but just in case…

zacAnd if you missed the Workaholic guys thirstily oggling Efron’s dick, that’s here too: