Woooh! It’s getting hot in here! Now, we know Justin Timberlake is still one mouth-watering snack, but he was just so much sexier when he used to take his clothes off for the likes of Rolling Stone magazine.

So here’s an idea: Strip more often! 🙂

Ahead of his performance at the Superbowl this Sunday, we’re reliving JT’s seductive shoot from back in 2002. It such a simple shoot, but JT had just dumped ‘N Sync, and brought out his solo album Justified; and in the process he shed that double-denim, frosted-tipped, squeaky geek image.

This was his MOMENT. Everything before this was a mess. Now he was no longer only fancied by tween girls, (but every kind of female, and all gay men).

And we know he ‘brought’ SexyBack, but we’re failing to see it. If you need us, we’ll be patiently waiting for his second sexual awakening.