For weeks Taylor Swift has been teasing her new music video with Sin City-style promo shots, with more celebrities than have been inside Lindsay Lohan. Firstly, Tay is looking FLEEKED, she ain’t even a fave and she snatching from all of y’all hoes in the first three seconds. Welvin Da Great steps in to lend her a much needed hand in swag, and then from nowhere this urban beat drops in. I’m sitting here like, “what’s this Queen done with Taylor Swift?”

Like, the way she’s sitting in that car made of ice, twirling her hair while Kendrick Lemar is rapping for life. Remember when this pedi was singing country with a folk guitar? HA, she dead and gone, boo. The entire video just oozes cool and sex appeal, despite the fact she’s still doing that thing where she ‘over-lip-syncs’. Ru Paul be clutching pearls. But between the special effects, pyrotechnics, wardrobe and injection of rap – we’re fully on board. The video kills, but we bet you’re still singing when it’s on the radio.

Divas need to watch out for this one.