After ALL that hype, it’s finally here; the Pretty Girls video. Standing by what I said when the audio leaked – sometimes the video does make the song better! Britney is looking fresh to death giving Elle Woods everything at the start, and Iggy is serving up some fuckin’ alien realness, it’s hot. UNTIL, they decide to give Britters a crimped bob. Like, how ’bout no? And they didn’t even change her outfit for that scene – LAZY! But am loving that Brit has her own little dance scene, we ain’t seen one of those for a while!

Overall, it’s cool – I’m on board with the concept – and definitely with Britney’s make-up artist… But why y’all producers gotta let these singers ‘act’ for? I know Iggy supposed to be some space creature, but even a martian could take direction better than that. Girl, you couldn’t act in Black Widow, what makes you think things have changed? And, I mean, I think we all know Britney’s not the best actress, but even she looks Oscar-worthy next to Azalea. Killing it in the last scene, with another Spears special breakdown! YESS.