As a celebrity, or somebody in the limelight, you’re expected to keep your composure 24/7. But sometimes you just gotta put a hater in their place. And that’s exactly what Godney did at a recent performance at Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas, part of her residency until January. At the start of ‘Til The World Ends, a douche bag heckler yells “fat bitch” at Britters, like a true professional real person, she retaliates with “Fucking asshole”.

Sorry, but WHY would you pay X amount of money to go to somebody’s concert and insult them – who does that?! A “fucking asshole”, that’s who. Good for Britney! And I’m not just saying this because I’m a Slave 4 Her, sure, she could have kept walking but if somebody shouted that to you on the street, would you keep walking?

The way I see it is, she weren’t ready to let some anonymous hater shade her out. And too right. OK, you might not have heard him, but the only person who looks like an imbecile here, is the heckler. I got stick for telling someone to “go fuck yourself” when on the judging panel for The Hookies. But you know what, that’s how REAL people react. Fair play, if you can have that media-trained composure to keep your head high and your mouth zipped, some of us don’t have the power to do that all the time.  And personally, I think it makes Brit more likeable.

Check out the clip: