It’s one of those stories that makes your heart sink… We all want Sam Asghari to be the handsome protector of Britney Spears but his recent social media activity suggests he could be toxic for the singer.

Twitter revealed Asghari had ‘liked’ a post from Donald Trump on Instagram. (And then, oops he did it again). The posts liked by Sam weren’t anything too extreme, but rather Trump reporting from the Walter Reed foundation.

The tweet claimed that Asghari showed “the couple’s” support for POTUS, but families and spouses have opposing political views all the time.

And as one fan pointed out, “Britney is not allowed to vote under her conservatorship”. So as long as Britney continues to post about being a dreamer, we’re willing to believe she’s not truly as redneck as we were lead to believe her character on Will & Grace was.

george w. bush britney spears gif | WiffleGif

Since the news broke, Sam responded by his stories, writing that he’s in “no position” to talk about politics and encouraged his followers to do their own research on presidential candidates.

That, as you may know, is known as a ‘side-step’.

But if he’s voting for Trump he’s right about one thing, he is in no position to talk about politics.