Last night was Attitude Magazine’s Hot 100 party – this first ever countdown of the 100 Sexiest Men in the world, as voted for by a gay magazine. Great idea, not really sure why it hadn’t been done sooner – but better late than never! The event was held at Carbon in Marble Arch and was perfectly suited in catering to the crowd, complete with big screen to countdown the Top 20. Here’s the lowdown…


What went down:
Walking into Carbon, Jimmy Stanton (of popular London club night Horse Meat Disco) left no flamboyant hit unplayed. From ‘To Be Real’ (Cheryl Lynn) to ‘I’m Coming Out’, it was like somebody had shoved Sex and the City into a podcast and was pumping it through the speakers. Not that I was complaining in the slightest, in fact a playlist camper than Stanford Blach in a two piece was exactly what the event needed. The boys were very cute and while under ‘what went down’ we’d like to say us too – unfortunately the big dreams of bagging a Z-list gayer didn’t come into fruition.The boys from Blue did an hour set, but I’m gonna be honest in that I was way too busy fluttering my eyelids with a long-term crush. Is it going anywhere? Who knows. Were there mixed signals? Hundreds. By the time he left I wanted him more than Tyra Banks wants everyone to like her and was more confused than Paris Hilton being asked to do her six times tables. Room Service DJ Jodie Harsh rounded off the night (loving the new hazel hair) before we called it a night. And a great night it was.


What we drank:

Champagne, Oscartini Cocktails, Grey Goose


What we ate:

Smoked duck canapes, sushi and thick-cut mini burgers



The Hot List: 


10: Russell Tovey – Yes.


9: Frank Ocean - Good looking, but sexy?

9: Frank Ocean – Good looking, but sexy?



8: Zachary Quinto – We do love a bit of Zachary, although his hair can be hit and miss…

7: Zac Efrom - We see it, you see it, everyone sees it.

7: Zac Efron – We see it, you see it, everyone sees it.


6: Ryan Gosling - Good body, but gay lips.

6: Ryan Gosling – Good body, but gay lips.


5: Zayn Malik - Unexpected, but definitely cute.

5: Zayn Malik – Unexpected, but definitely cute.


4: Prince Harry - I.JUST.DON'T.GET.IT. Although I guess he's a ging-lover's gold-diggers dream...

4: Prince Harry – I.JUST.DON’T.GET.IT. Although I guess he’s a ging-lover’s gold-diggers dream…



3: Henry Cavill – Approved!!

2: David Beckham - OBVIOUSLY.

2: David Beckham – OBVIOUSLY.


1: Tom Daley - Cute, but still looks about 12. A bit worrying.

1: Tom Daley – Cute, but still looks about 12. A bit worrying.



…while we may not fully agree with the outcome – it seems the reader’s have spoken. And evidentally – they like a twink! Which is great news for me (for the next two years anyway). For the full list of who made the cut, check out the latest issue of Attitude. Honorable mentions go to Mark Wright that only just made it at 98. Sol Heras that was unjustly at 37. And Channing Tatum at number 18.





New Crush: Sol Heras


Lauren Pope looked stunning with a pulled back twisted sleek ponytail and mini mint peplum dress. The whole look was just so on point.
Louis Spence, seeming quieter than usual, but laughing with Duncan James – who we give our hats off to for quitting smoking – no matter how unsightly the fake indoor cigarettes are. The rest of the boys from Blue were also in attendance, and Anthony Costa seemed chuffed that we thought he looked fit in his kecks up on the big screen – We can’t have been the only ones surely?
James Haskell, England rugby player and Attitude’s recent cover star partying with his brother Ed.
Meeting Sol Heras, the really hot star of Coronation Street. He’s definitely Cocktails and Cocktalk’s new crush and has massive potential as a gay sex symbol, so fortunately for us he’s stripping down in this month’s issue. (Calm down, images following shortly…)